Our Programs

We offer our hands-on, interactive Bread and Torah programs in a variety of formats for all ages from pre-school to senior citizens. We can tailor a program to meet the needs and budget of your community, school, or organization.


Rabbi Linda Motzkin, soferet

The Community Torah Project
Cub Scouts with hide 2 3-8-10
The Writing and Making of a Torah Scroll

Visual Presentations (PowerPoints)

  • The Making of a Torah Scroll
  • Art and Spirituality: the perspective of a soferet/Judaic artist
  • Women and the Making of Torah
  • Hamotzi Torah from the Earth – the interplay of animal, mineral, vegetable

Hands-On programs:

  • See Touch Feel – Materials and Tools of Torah Making
  • Hide-stretch – Help make a Panel of Parchment
  • Teamwork – Proofreading completed Torah panels
  • Sacred Sewing – stitching Torah panels together

Art Workshops

  • Hebrew Calligraphy: Beginner Through Advanced
  • Making a simple Hebrew Amulet
  • Making a “Shivi’ti” or a “Mizrach”
  • Hebrew Calligraphy as a Meditative Process
  • Art Midrash

Gallery/Artist’s Talk

A selection of Rabbi Linda’s unique Hebrew calligraphic artwork on hand-made deerskin parchment can be brought to your community, with an accompanying artist’s talk about the pieces displayed.

Other Programs

  • Mystical Attributes of the Aleph-Bet
  • Scribal Quirks in the Weekly Torah Portion

Photo Gallery

Rabbi Jonathan Rubenstein, baker

Founder of Slice of Heaven Breads 
Challah workshop, Kneading Conference 2009
Baking Workshops

These workshops include teachings based on the mitzvah of hafrashat challah and may include text study and discussion on Jewish values regarding food justice, bal taschit, nutrition, eating behaviors, ecology and the environment.

  • Challah – traditional, whole wheat, and vegan
  • Bagels, Bialys, and Rye Breads
  • Holiday and Celebration Breads
  • Sweet doughs: babka, schnecken (sticky buns), and more
  • “Seven Species” bread workshop and teachings for Sukkot, Tu B’Shevat, and Shavuot
  • Make your favorite breads at home

Other Workshops

  • The Earth and the Mitzvah of Challah
  • “Spiritual Fitness:” nutrition, eating behavior, addiction, and Jewish food teachings and practices
  • Vegetarianism and Judaism
  • Judaism and ecological stewardship
  • Visual Presentation: Slice of Heaven Breads – A Synagogue-Based Community Bakery

Group baking and cooking for special events

Program formats:

  • Residency for weekend or longer
  • Shabbaton – Friday afternoon through Havdalah
  • Saturday Havdalah through Sunday
  • Single day (3-6 hours)
  • Single evening (2 -3 hours)
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