Community Torah Project

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According to tradition, there are 613 mitzvot (commandments) in the Torah. Some say the 613th is the commandment to write a sefer torah (Torah scroll), a commandment that most individuals never have the opportunity to fulfill. The Community Torah Project is a long-term endeavor designed to open up this sacred process of creation, by providing volunteer individuals and groups the opportunity for hands-on participation in various steps in the process of making a Torah scroll.

Bat Mitzvah family proofreading finished panels

Participants in the Community Torah Project have included individuals and groups of all ages, from school children through senior citizens. Volunteers have assisted in a variety of ways: collecting turkey feathers for quills, donating deerskins, helping with the fleshing, dehairing, scraping, stretching, sanding, cutting or scoring stages of parchment-making; assisting in the production of ink; proofreading completed panels of text; and stitching together proofread panels. Begun in 2007, the Torah scroll is four-fifths written and has involved the participation of over 4200 volunteers to date. A charitable project, this Torah scroll will be donated to a community in need upon completion.
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