Our Programs

We offer our hands-on, interactive Bread and Torah programs in a variety of formats for all ages from pre-school to senior citizens. We can tailor a program to meet the needs and budget of your community, school, or organization.

Program Videos

Rabbi Linda Motzkin, soferet

The Community Torah Project
Cub Scouts with hide 2 3-8-10
The Writing and Making of a Torah Scroll

  • Scribal demonstrations
  • Steps in the Making of a Parchment Panel
  • Teamwork: Checking completed Torah panels

Scribal Arts programs:

  • Slide show on “The World of Scribal Arts”
  • Slide show on “The Making of a Torah Scroll”
  • Show and Tell – The Materials of Torah Making

Art Workshops

  • Hebrew Calligraphy: Beginner Through Advanced
  • Making a “Shivi’ti” or a “Mizrach” or a Hebrew Amulet
  • Art Midrash

Other Programs

  • Mystical Attributes of the Aleph-Bet
  • Scribal Quirks in the Weekly Torah Portion

Program Photo Gallery

Rabbi Jonathan Rubenstein, baker

Slice of Heaven Breads at Temple Sinai
Challah workshop, Kneading Conference 2009
Hands-On Baking Workshops

  • Challah – traditional, whole wheat, and vegan
  • Bagels, Bialys, and Rye Breads
  • Holiday and Celebration Breads
  • Sweet doughs: babka, schnecken (sticky buns), and more
  • “Seven Species” bread workshop and teachings for Sukkot, Tu B’Shevat, and Shavuot
  • Make your favorite breads at home

Other Workshops

  • The Earth and the Mitzvah of Challah
  • “Spiritual Fitness:” nutrition, eating behavior, addiction, and Jewish food teachings and practices
  • Vegetarianism and Judaism
  • Judaism and ecological stewardship
  • Presentation: Slice of Heaven Breads – A Synagogue-Based Community Bakery

Group baking and cooking for special events

Program formats:

  • Residency for weekend or longer
  • Shabbaton – Friday afternoon through Havdalah
  • Saturday Havdalah through Sunday
  • Single day (3-6 hours)
  • Single evening (2? -3 hours)
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